Monday, September 29, 2008

Rachel's 1st Day of Preschool

My baby girl went to preschool. That was a hard day for mom! Rachel loves school. She goes two days per week and is really mad when she discovers that it's not a day she goes to school. On this particular day MaeMae had bought her her first-day-of-school outfit, which of course had a princess crown on it. She insisted on wearing her "clipity clop" shoes, which did not go well with her outfit, but I was not going to go into that battle on her first day and make her cry. The teacher came out at the end of the first class and said they had a really good day and no one cried but I had to add "expect for the moms". It so hard to believe that on that fateful Mother's day 5 years ago when we discovered we were blessed with this little surprise I would be sending her off to school so soon, it seems like I just got used to the idea of having another baby!


The Ski's said...

Your kids are sure cuties! Love seeing them and how they all treat Reid so nicely! Say hi to them for me....and Reid will be back in business at Jen's house in no time! : ) Thanks for your well wishes, too!!!!

Ann said...

She's adorable!!!