Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas 2008

Better late then never. Here are a few snapshots of the Dreher Christmas.

Here is Rachel with Mrs. Claus. She saw Santa a few days later and when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she told him she had already talked to Mrs. Claus...
The kids on Christmas Eve.
The kids just love their Uncle Jimmy
The kids on Christmas morning

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rachel posing in her Thanksgiving dress with the red tights she insisted on wearing. She tried to talk me into letting her wear these red tight when she wore a dress to school the other day, which didn't match at all - she didn't care she wanted to wear the red tights. She was very happy to be able to wear them on Thanksgiving, much to Aunt Katie's disappointment.

Pumpkin carving day. The boys liked it. Rachel preferred to color her pumpkin with markers.

The gang before heading out for Trick or Treat.

My little Cinderella

Crazy hair day at school for Nick - he's so cute!

One morning the kids were eating breakfast and I thought Michael swallowed his spoon, he started sputtering and making all this comotion. Here there were several deer in our back yard. It looked like a mom and 3 babies. A week or so later Michael saw the Daddy deer - he knew it was the dad because it had horns. It is really cool to see them - we are such city folks, trying to get accustomed to country living.

Pumpkin Farm

In October we went to the Gale Pumpkin Farm. A tradition we do every fall. We take a hayride to the pumpkin patch where we pick out and cut our own pumpkins off the vine. They also have a little train ride the kids look forward to. I think this might be Nick's last year for the train, he's getting too big to even get in the thing.