Monday, September 29, 2008

The boys' first day of school

The firt day of school for the boys. Michael is in 1st grade now and Nick is in 3rd. The morning started out so good, everyone woke up nicely, no one was grouchy, we got ready, ate breakfast donned the backpacks and were ready to go out the door 20 minutes prior to the bus arrival time, according to what the letter had said from the school - WRONG. When we walked out the door Nick says "Mom the bus is here!" My reaction when I see the bus way down the road with its red lights on-- "RUN!!" So the picture above is being taken while we were running for the bus, I am even in flip flops - not good running shoes. I cried the whole walk back that I didn't get any good pictures before they left, so I took some after they got home. Morale of that story, never go by what the letters from the bus garage say, they are ALWAYS wrong.
I can't believe the boys are as old as they are. I was walking the other morning and it just hit me like a ton of bricks - OMG I have a 3rd grader, how can I have a son that old already?

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