Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christmas in the Dreher World

We finally found our dream house. It only took us 5 years and 3 or 4 realtors but we did it. We have almost two acres, which is a far cry from our postage stamp size yard we had on Vine Street. The house is two years old, has 4 bedrooms (now that we remodeled a bit) 2 1/2 baths, full basement, family room, dining room, big eat-in kitchen, formal living room and a 3 car garage. We need that 3rd garage to house the big Steiner tractor Todd bought to mow all that grass. I still miss our old house some, we did so much to improve it, it was hard to say good-bye. The kids always want to drive by to see if I will cry. I am doing better at that now that it's been three months! I know we will make a lot of new memories in our new house, but some how Vine Street will always be my home in my heart.

Here we are making cut-out cookies. Nick just got a new hat, can you tell? Both boys love cutting shapes out of the dough, but most of all they just like eating the dough. Sometimes I think they help just so I will let them sneak bites of dough.

Rachel and I had the best day together. The boys were at school and we mixed up the dough for the cut-out cookies so we could make them the next day. She loved helping me pour in the ingredients. We sang Christmas songs and just had the best time. It brought back memories of when my mom and I would make cut-outs together and when Grandma Chiz and I would make cookies. I am so glad I can make those memories with my little girl.

We had a lot going on at Christmas time. We still hadn't unpacked a garage and basement full of boxes and Todd had a chain saw accident. It was pretty serious, but could have been worse. This happened three weeks before Christmas. Luckily we have awesome friends and family who helped us out with the rest of our Christmas decorations and with the kids. Thanks guys, I wouldn't know what to do without each and every one of you.

Santa found us at our new house so the kids were excited.

Holidays were not the same this year. Our family had two terrible losses this year. Grammy Lyon lost her battle with lung cancer in late July and Grandpa Chiz passed away a little unexpectedly in early September. I was so very close with both of them that I am not sure my heart will ever heal from the loss. My head knows they are in a better place, but my heart aches knowing I can't sit and talk with Grammy and watch her enjoy my kids and I so miss all the stories Grandpa used to tell us of the days when he was growing up. I am lucky to have had them as long as I did, but it doesn't stop the tears somedays. The picture on top is of Grammy last Christmas Eve and the picture on the bottom was taken Father's day this year of Grandpa Chiz and his crew.

Now with the holidays gone for another year things haven't been as hectic or stressful. Todd's walking on his own now and the doctor was really happy with the way his leg is healing. He'll have a nasty scar that I am sure the boys will think it's cool to show off to their friends but other than that he'll have no ill effects from it - thank goodness.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Dreher World, the good, the bad and all that goes on in between.