Monday, April 21, 2008

Riley's a Great Great Grandpa!!

Congratulations Riley, it's a girl... and a girl, and a girl, and a girl and a girl, and a boy and a boy!

Riley is the proud great, great grandpa of 5 girl grand puppies and 2 boy grand puppies.

We went to see the puppies last night and they are unbelievably adorable. They are just three weeks old so they are still in the lay still and cuddle stage. Some had the cutest little whimpers and when their mom came in they all got real alert and started crying, they probably thought it was time to eat.

Michael is holding one of the many puppies. He asked the person who is selling the puppies if he took credit cards, like Michael should know what a credit card even is. When the person replied that cash or check was the preferred method of payment Michael got all excited and came running to me saying "mom, they take checks". I explained to him that you still needed money in the bank to write a check. A concept that I am sure went right over his little head.

Nicholas fell instantly in love with this little puppy. It was one of the few that liked to be held like a baby. Nick wants to get a puppy so bad. He was begging me again this morning to please let us get one.

This was the first time Rachel ever held a puppy. She was giggling and kissing all of them. Telling each one she held how "coot" they were (her version of "cute"). We had to remind her constantly to be gentle with them especially when she was holding one up by it's back end instead of the front end!!

I know, I know, the big question in every ones mind when they see this is...Are you getting one? The answer is NO. As much as I would love to, especially since this might be the last chance to get one from Riley's bloodline, it just isn't practical, financially and because we are not home a lot. The summer would be a great time since the kids and I would be home more, but we are going on vacation in June and who would volunteer to watch a puppy?! The kids said "Uncle Ryan", they seem to have an answer to all our puppy dilemmas. We know one of the people who is getting a puppy from this litter, maybe she'll breed this puppy some day and we could consider it then. With Riley being 13 he might feel he's being replaced if we brought a puppy in. We'll just have to go back in a couple of weeks and see them one more time before they go to good homes. If these puppies turn out anything like Riley they will be the best dog anyone could ask for.

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