Monday, March 31, 2008

Nap Time

Rachel was supposed to be napping last Friday, but obviously she had a different agenda. She had gotten in to one of her closets and pulled out all 22 Arthur books, plus some old Disney books and decided to spend her nap time doing a little light reading. She must have gotten sleepy during all this library time because when I went in to wake her up this is how I found her. Surrounded by all these books fast asleep with this one Arthur book propped up beside her. She must take after her me and her Aunt Katie, we love to read.
Michael is also becoming a book worm. He loves to read those Junie B. books that his teacher reads to them at school. He'll follow me around with a book continuously asking me if I can help him read the book. Nick on the other hand we have to tie him down to get him to read. There's never a happy medium with our kids it's always one extreme or another.

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